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No one can rob xianzun from me

No one can rob xianzun from me

No one can rob xianzun from me

Rating: 9 / 10 from 23498 ratings
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    No one can rob xianzun from me
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    Baby in the palm
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    Wine Novel
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Bai Tao has studied with her master Li Yu for 2000 years and will one day become a real body the first time - rival in love: the prince of heaven should be noisy. Process: he was kidnapped by mountain bandits and ran away. The ending: I became a good friend with the crown prince. My confession... Fruitless the second love enemy: Yan Guang, the Lord of the demon world. Process: Yan Guang even set fire to Yingsheng. He was busy saving people and forgot to advertise. Outcome: in order to save people, they were beaten back to their original shape. It's good not to cry. There's no need to confess the third time - opponent: Miss birdlife radial Qingman. Process: being hanged and beaten by the other party. The ending: it's too miserable, too miserable. It's terrible. It's all beaten into a pig's head. How to confess the results of three confessions are worse and worse. Bai Tao is tired. Wait for her to rest and fight again tomorrow... Tomorrow?

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