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Time: dream back to the midsummer of 1998

Time: dream back to the midsummer of 1998

Time: dream back to the midsummer of 1998

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    Time: dream back to the midsummer of 1998
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    Gluttonous dumplings
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    Pc Books
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2022-06-28 10:40:09
Lu Ze, an upstart who is about to set foot on a larger stage when the company is about to go public, woke up and went back to the midsummer of 1998 when his parents were laid off and he had no resources and background, he started from a steamed stuffed bun shop, then rice noodle shop and hot pot chain, and gradually grew into a catering boss a gentleman does something and does nothing. Lu Ze is not addicted to money games after completing the capital accumulation, he became an invisible investment giant and led his enterprises to constantly overtake in corners the Internet and high technology have created their own business empire step by step wake up and go back to the midsummer of that year since everything starts again, it's better to reconcile, let go and let go in this life, there is no need to think about old things, and try new tea with new fire. Poetry and wine take advantage of time life is the most beautiful, but half poetic, half fireworks 1998, there is a story, and she.

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