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Life is brilliant because of you

Life is brilliant because of you

Life is brilliant because of you

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    Life is brilliant because of you
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    Light rain and cold Tung
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    Free Novel!
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2022-01-19 07:06:29
Many years ago, mu Chaoyan's biological mother and adoptive mother gave birth to a girl in the same ward in a private hospital. The adoptive mother's family wanted to escape the high cost. When they fled from the hospital, they were in a hurry, so they took the wrong child and took mu Chaoyan, who was not her own, away. Mu Chaoyan's life was rewritten later, mu Chaoyan became a female special forces soldier. After her retirement, her adoptive parents used the retirement fee for her brother's marriage. She was never valued. After many years as a soldier, she had no place to live at home, so she had to go out to find a job later, after being introduced by a comrade in arms who started a security company before her, she was asked to become a bodyguard for a man she had met many times but had a bad impression every time. Therefore, she and this man with strong business ability, but rebellious character and very "flower heart" have had a series of funny and touching stories

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