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From primitive tribes to Great Empires

From primitive tribes to Great Empires

From primitive tribes to Great Empires

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    From primitive tribes to Great Empires
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    Drunken prodigal
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    Happy Read
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2023-04-06 14:54:23
Qi Tian is estimated to be the most unlucky jumper. He actually crossed to a primitive tribe, and the savages in the tribe are discussing whether Qi Tian in front of him is delicious roasted or boiled he doesn't have any golden fingers and no system. What he has is only inherited from 5000 years of civilization, smart, wise, cunning and cunning he will crush this group with mathematics in primary school, physics in junior high school, chemistry in senior high school, history of University, and valuable experience accumulated from 20 years of severe beating in civilized society. A simple cannibal who has not experienced the baptism of civilization he started from recruiting and defeating traitors and mercenaries, forming gangs, giving excessive power to the government and the opposition, and gradually rebelling against and killing monarchs. Instead, he broke the boat, fought back, conquered the world and worshipped all countries with 5000 years of civilization and accumulated wisdom, he wrote his great legend in the world.

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