Vultures: Scavengers of Death – Alpha Demo

Vultures: Scavengers of Death is essentially what would happen if you took the classic Resident Evil games and turned them into tactical turn-based adventures.

Taking place in Salento Valley after a bio-hazard incident, Vultures: Scavengers of Death is a tactical turn-based horror game inspired by the 90’s Resident Evil games. You take control of an agent as they embark on missions in a ruined city … Read More

Death In Abyss – Alpha Demo

Death In Abyss is a Star Fox and Devil Daggers inspired deep sea combat game where you blast giant monsters in extraterrestrial seas.

In Death In Abyss you pilot a fast and agile deep sea exploration vehicle (that moves like a more agile version of a Star Fox’s Airwing), as you search for the source of an outbreak deep within an uncharted ocean. You need … Read More

Kriegsfront Tactics – Prologue Download

Kriegsfront Tactics is a turn-based tactics RPG where you command a squad of mech pilots in an alternate version of 1970’s Southeast Asia.

In the Kriegsfront Tactics prologue you will be able to play through roughly an hour’s worth of the opening story of the upcoming game as you take your mechs on a mission through the treacherous jungles of Southeast Asia. The game has … Read More


CYBERPADLA is an intense and fast paced cyberpunk kinetic adventure where a cyberhacker attempts to avoid capture in a world on the brink of extinction.

In CYBERPADLA you are a hacker who has just stolen some information that could change the world. The trouble is that some very bad people are after you and you’ll need to think fast to survive. The gameplay blends puzzles … Read More

Midnight Special – Alpha Demo

Midnight Special is a Clock Tower inspired point and click horror adventure where things take a sinister turn when a babysitter is tasked with looking after kids in a creepy manor one night.

In Midnight Special you are Sarah, a young woman who has been tasked with babysitting Jon and Eli Boyd for a night. The manor is quite imposing and creepy, but Sarah’s worked … Read More