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Color Changing Beach Pants

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🏊‍♀This summer, you are the coolest person in the entire pool.🏊‍♀


📣Made of chemical fiber blended material, it has the characteristics of elasticity, wear resistance, not easy to wrinkle, easy to clean, quick-drying, etc. Product material is absolutely safe and reliable.📣

  • Your yellow swimshorts turn into an orange-colored pair as soon as you step into the water. Our swim shorts change color when they get in contact with cold water. This isn't because of the moisture, but because of the temperature of the water. As the shorts become dry the first color reveals again.
How do the swimshorts work?
  • The swimshorts respond to temperature changes. Therefore they need warmth and cold to change color. When the swim shorts are being worn, it is (generally) warm due to body heat and the warmth of the sun. In order to change color, the swimshorts will have to cool down. Water is generally cold so water takes care of it.
Does the color change effect fade over time?
  • It fully depends on how you use them. Due to exposure to UV light (the sun), the color change effect will degrade over time. There can come a point where the swimshorts no longer changes color. We can not say when this effect ends, it depends on the usage and severity of UV radiation. We expect that the effect will last a full season, based on average usage. 
  • We can assure you that your swimshorts are still extremely comfortable when they do not change color anymore. The swim shorts will then have one solid color, slightly darker than the warmest color. 
  • When the swim shorts are only being worn in indoor swimming pools (without exposure to UV light) the color-changing ability will probably last a lifetime

What size swim shorts should I pick?

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