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Late trial

Late trial

Late trial

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    Late trial
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    Forget the river angel
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-21 13:09:02
Fifteen years ago, Su Luo's father Su Xiong found important clues while investigating several accidental deaths, but he died in an accident. In the same year, Su Luo was sent to the orphanage. Since then, Su Luo, who was only ten years old, grew up in the orphanage, but every year, the leaders of the police station visit Su Luo in the orphanage. Fifteen years later, Su Luo graduated from medical school with excellent results and entered the police station as a forensic medicine. At the same time, an old forensic doctor in F City retired, and Su Luo was transferred to F City. After many years, Su Luo returned to the city that had given her a painful life for 20 years. She was at a loss for a moment. At this time, a series of homicides occurred one after another. Su Luo and the male leader Qin Chen led the team to solve these cases hand in hand, and their feelings began to heat up gradually. When everything seems to be calm, her father's diary broke all this beauty. Can su Luo find the enemy who killed her father to avenge her husband? Can she and Qin Chen break the conspiracy that has lasted for several years? Can Su Jin and Lin min escape successfully?

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