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Yangming youth

Yangming youth

Yangming youth

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    Yangming youth
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    Bamboo dog
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-22 03:17:17
"Who says mountain demon can't be a big weapon! This is my own way. You have no right to laugh at me!" Qingling gnashed her teeth a mountain fire believed to be made by the terrorist organization "dark world" burned the lonely mountain demon Qingling on the road of cultivation. During his wandering revenge, he met the kind and heroic demon Baimiao, the lovely and strong ghost boy Luo Yin, the mysterious but confused ghost Songyuan, and the human mechanical genius ADA Lovelace who wanted to be an animal trainer, They will embark on a journey of laughter and tears, blood and fire "what would you do if the enemy controlled the copper blade to fly towards you with spiritual power?" the bamboo dog asked everyone a question "press it back with psychic power?" Mengjin thought this was the standard answer "use wood and heat to make a fire and burn copper into CuO that he can't control." Qingling smiled playfully "heroes should be brave and not afraid of death! Spirit blade, let's cut off its controller!" Bai Miao pulled out his knife "Miaomiao will protect me!" Luo Yin looked happy, but he habitually extended his hand to the treasure blood dagger, ready to sacrifice his own flesh and blood to heal his teammates without saying a word, rice secretly figured out how to adjust the parameters of the unsupervised depth learning algorithm to identify the copper blade and guide the destruction the bamboo dog was stunned and didn't know whether to move or laugh the underlying logic of science fiction, mysterious cultivation, fighting, hot-blooded team growth and subtle cross-border integration are all in Yangming official only reader group (QQ): 868052282 every Monday and five double shifts √

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