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Sick Princess Phoenix

Sick Princess Phoenix

Sick Princess Phoenix

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    Sick Princess Phoenix
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    Qiu Aoer
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2022-04-27 09:52:47
When the only prince of Tianqi reached the marriageable age, the emperor was so anxious that he gathered all the excellent women and sent them to the palace. The next day, he was returned to all the families in this regard, the emperor expressed his headache one day, the spy reported: "the princess entered the palace and was sent back to the palace after a day." after a while, the spy reported: "the princess arrived at the palace early in the morning and never returned at night." after a while, the spy reported again: "the princess and the LORD went out of the palace together and didn't return all night." the emperor said that he seemed to understand so the next day, Prince Xiaoyao's house and prime minister's house received a wedding decree at the same time Qianling said he was confused When did she and Xia Mochen fall in love [meiqiangsa is emotionally unresponsive female owner] vs [weak and sick male owner with black belly]

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