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True gold gets rich by metaphysics

True gold gets rich by metaphysics

True gold gets rich by metaphysics

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    True gold gets rich by metaphysics
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    Early as a flower
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-06 06:08:33
Liang min was disgusted by her mother from urination. Later, she learned that the "mother" staged a civet cat for the crown prince in order to make her children rich and prosperous, and she was the real daughter who was replaced when her real parents came, she thought she could have family affection. As a result... her biological parents: "rourourou was brought up by us. We really don't want her to leave. We don't want her to be criticized and say that you are twin sisters." brother Xu Zhizhi said: "you are a hick, you're not my sister!" Even if they all prefer white lotus, what about fake gold? Liang min can calculate, know good and bad luck, and rely on metaphysics to be beautiful alone and get mixed up famous director: "master, is there hope for this play?" Real Estate Tycoon: "master, what's the feng shui of this land?" countless netizens shouted across the air: "master Minmin, Kangkang, I beg for favor!" the man finally couldn't bear it: "this is my daughter-in-law!" * SHEN Mingcheng is the young master of the chaebol, unruly, Born with a violent temper, he is a famous problem boy. No one dares to provoke him. Unexpectedly, there will be a girl who can suppress him with light eyes, which makes him want to hold in his hand and give her the best in the world.

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