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My third year in the cold palace

My third year in the cold palace

My third year in the cold palace

Rating: 9 / 10 from 46304 ratings
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    My third year in the cold palace
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    Ann joy is me
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    Free Novel
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A cold palace concubine with mysterious life experience and a factory Flower governor with jade face Shura jointly solve all kinds of mystery cases in the big moon country. Who is the driver of everything in the end it is updated steadily every day. Please join us since the beginning of writing this novel, I have received warm support from many book friends. I am infinitely grateful. There are many small warmth. Your comments, various ideas and speculation about the trend of the plot are the source of my daily joy I really like you thank you for your love and joy< Br> first volume flower poison (1-23) second volume and lotus (24-46) third rolls pear flower white (47-64) fourth rolls ghost Lotus (65-76) fifth volume apricot flower red (77-95) sixth volume Green Peony (96-116) 96-116 roll flower blooming error (96-116) roll roll gold Chrysanthemum () volume, Wutong thin () roll, plum blossom mistake (161-176) Volume 11 flower gourd (177 -) remove the fog and reach deep into the hearts of the people. How do we pull and tangle between love and being loved, and feel the joys, sorrows and joys of being human in the world.

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