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Lurk from the corner

Lurk from the corner

Lurk from the corner

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    Lurk from the corner
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    Huang or
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    Garden Novel
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2021-11-04 18:20:20
When unsolved cases are mixed with too much emotion, trouble will come to the door that's why he chose to stay out of it forever. Even if others call it indifference, it is not unexpected however, he will not be depressed because of this. He can even righteously redress the grievances of the people he has deceived. For example, he frankly engraved such a line on his own tombstone in the future: "he used to be a hypocritical bastard." but the facts are always full of helplessness after all, there are times when you have to get yourself involved the overall description of this article is partial to group images without emotional lines. It belongs to criminal investigation novels in a broad sense, but the three views of the main characters are not necessarily in line with orthodoxy the background is overhead, and the characters and plots are completely fictional, but the background, thing name and legal rules are consistent with the name and purpose of the real environment, and public order and good customs are in line with common sense if others are similar, it is a pure coincidence.

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