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100000 krypton reasons

100000 krypton reasons

100000 krypton reasons

Rating: 9 / 10 from 12227 ratings
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    100000 krypton reasons
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    Mo Ling
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-26 02:39:55
In order to earn some extra money, Ling Qiong went to the game experience division's pit. She was so tired that she didn't have much money. She planned to get out of the pit after the last vote as a result, the pit didn't retreat, but went into a bigger pit... Ling Qiong: I think I woke up in hundreds of square beds every day, and my 100 deacons were waiting to dress me... System: wake up! You don't have a square meter Ling Qiong: Oh! Mortals are jealous of my beauty. There's no way. Who makes me so rich System: wake up! Look at your balance!! You are too poor to eat steamed bread Ling Qiong: once I fought all over the world to enjoy the invincible loneliness in the world... System: wake up! You get up from the ground first Ling Qiong: everyone loves me and flowers bloom... System: wake up!! Your beautiful man is going to hang up Ling Qiong: help me up, I can still liver!

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