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Eternal Lord of the heavens

Eternal Lord of the heavens

Eternal Lord of the heavens

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    Eternal Lord of the heavens
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    Lonely feeling Jun Shao
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2021-12-07 07:46:26
The world is a book. I write in my hand and travel through the world of heaven. I only want to seek the long life of Tao since the Republic of China, we have embarked on a real immortal road with a volume of incomplete Sanyang Dharma the Republic of China heard that he had talked with partridge whistle, worshipped uncle Jiu as a teacher, studied Taoism with four eyes, met Jiumen in Changsha, and visited the tomb with Hu Bayi martial arts Quest: he talked with Zhang Sanfeng, Wang Chongyang and others about the golden elixir of martial arts and the flying immortal on the top of the purple ban... immortal Xia asks for the way: he has saved ruthless people, trapped Ye Tiandi, saved Bai Qian, stepped on Baizi painting, crushed the master to cut Haotian, suppressed the White Snake, beat zhunti and kicked Hongjun... Qin Chen will live a long time and cross the world of low martial arts and high martial arts, Travel through the fairy world and dominate the mythical world!

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