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Local superstar

Local superstar

Local superstar

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    Local superstar
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    Rotating mushroom puppet
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-23 12:53:03
Book friends group: 1140483373 VIP full subscription group: 929288775 (screenshot of fans required to enter the group) Tu baozi Li Tiezhu accompanied his good friend Qin Tao to the talent show Li Tiezhu: "if you become a star, you can open a pig farm ten times bigger than your father, and I'll do the project for you." Qin Tao: "grass! I'm so popular, and I still open a shit pig farm?" "if you don't raise pigs, what do you raise?" "why don't you know? If you become a star, I won't raise pigs, and you don't have to move bricks." Li Tiezhu licked the popsicle and said, "I still think raising pigs is more suitable for your temperament." Qin Tao: "fart... I will be promoted." "just think about being a star. To tell you the truth! Qin Tao, just your broken voice and sing in super good voice? Are you crazy?" "try... What if the judges are crazy?" try and die, Qin Tao didn't get elected. Instead, Li Tiezhu, a local steamed stuffed bun who ran with him, reached the finals, became popular all the way, and finally grew into a generation of superstars.

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