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Life is really lucky

Life is really lucky

Life is really lucky

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    Life is really lucky
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    Jieyu Qingming
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-25 06:08:43
We don't know how much we need to experience in our life, but we can be sure that we go down every minute. When we really can't go down, we may really can't go down Yang Chengyu was born in a rich family in the rural areas of Northern Jiangsu. However, due to his parents' marital status that is not favored by the family, he fluctuates and stumbles. From sensible to rebellious, from rebellious to growth, from growth to breakthrough, the ups and downs and enthusiasm of life have been transformed into the sun of continued birth tomorrow. With Yang Chengyu's different, but not the same. Those ordinary and closest to life. There is a taste in boredom and exploration in boredom. Whether it is to pursue the ultimate life or escape the ultimate life, the text will tell you that life is lucky anyway

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