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My scars can increase infinitely

My scars can increase infinitely

My scars can increase infinitely

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    My scars can increase infinitely
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    The ball on the NIB
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-25 01:05:31
This is the same parallel world as the earth, but the world suddenly fell ten years ago, with mark animals, biological variation and Zombies everywhere..... at the same time, there is also a sea of stars in the human body. There are thousands of stars in the sea of stars. The stars are connected by "marks", which transforms the power of stars in the stars into mark power, and the earth breaking power is released through the human body Jing Zhan, who was a soldier in his previous life, happened to cross the same name "Jing Zhan" after graduating from senior three. He not only awakened the "trace", but also increased the number of traces in his star sea by adding enough trace beads of a species. By connecting the stars, he could reach the shape of the species, so as to summon the trace animals that obey his orders, Release the same mark technique as the mark beast

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