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Master is always flirting

Master is always flirting

Master is always flirting

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    Master is always flirting
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    Zhang Guxi
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    Qidian International
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2021-10-26 02:15:53
What if the disciples always want to lock me up? Online, very urgent Zhang Wuyou was selected by the system. He must make the small world man and the villain live in harmony and love each other although it took her more than 100 years to complete the task with honor... when she woke up again, the evil system told her that she had a new task - get rid of the apprentice's demons and let him become an immortal reluctantly, she had to agree, but she didn't know that as long as she returned to the first world for the second time, the hosts were associated with their task objects, and the demons of her two disciples were still caused by her halfway through the second task, she went back to modern times. As a result, when she came back, the two disciples who had always been clever and gentle changed their appearance and walked slowly towards her with a bundle of fairy locks... "master, things would not have developed like this. You forced them."

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